Commonwealth Education Hub launched in Bahamas

5912625678_a8bd872789_zThe Commonwealth Secretariat has launched a new knowledge sharing initiative to help facilitate dialogue and exchange on education across the Commonwealth. Secretary-General Karmalesh Sharma labelled it a “Virtual one-stop shop knowledge service for education professionals and planners”.

The Hub website will be home to a wealth of education resources, best practice examples, and country data. Whilst the Community of Practice is an email based discussion group providing a forum for the Commonwealth education community to debate issues of relevance, ask questions, or share knowledge.

Commonwealth Deputy Secretary-General Deodat Maharaj, speaking at the launch of the Hub at the 19th Conference of Commonwealth Education Ministers in the Bahamas, said: “The Hub is not only a way to promote knowledge-sharing among policy-makers and practitioners, but also acts as a ‘network of networks’ that can create an enabling context for solutions and best practices to be adopted for scale across the Commonwealth.”

See the launch press release here. Email for more information.