Commonwealth Education Hub (CEH)


c/o Health and Education Unit Commonwealth Secretariat Marlborough House
Pall Mall London SW1Y 5HX UK

Telephone: (44) 20 7747 6500

Fax: (44) 20 7747 0827

Email: edu-hub@groups.the


Year established: 2015

A small Advisory Board has been established, with representation from governments, international organisations and a range of non- government stakeholders, to assist the Secretary-General with the development of the CEH.

Aims and objectives:

The CEH is a knowledge-sharing and networking
pilot initiative developed by the Commonwealth Secretariat to support the community of education professionals and policy makers who are dedicated to improving the situation of primary, secondary, and technical and vocational education and training (TVET) in Commonwealth countries. The support is provided through four key services: connection, consultation, collaboration and collection. Through these services, members can connect to discuss timely and critical issues, consult or share solutions and lessons learnt, find information on latest developments and events, identify expertise and explore potential partnerships, initiate or join existing collaborations, and access documented knowledge such as good practices and recommended tools.

The CEH has two main features that together offer members access to the four key services. The main feature is a Community of Practice, which is a moderated virtual peer-to-peer network that Commonwealth education professionals can join as members by subscribing to a moderated mail group. Participation is via email and members can post or respond to queries and engage in discussions relevant to their work. The Community of Practice is actively moderated and supported by a two-person Facilitation Team within the Health and Education Unit of the Commonwealth Secretariat. The second feature of the CEH is a website, which serves as the online presence for the Community of Practice and a virtual one-stop- shop service centre for education professionals and policy makers across the Commonwealth.

The Commonwealth Education Hub is being rolled out as a pilot over a two-year period in three phases, with the formal launch taking place at the 19CCEM in June 2015. A small Advisory Board has been established, with representation from governments, international organisations and a range of non-government stakeholders, to advise and assist the Secretary- General with the growth and further development of the CEH to ensure it meets the priority needs and demands of the Commonwealth community.