Commonwealth Council for Educational Administration and Management (CCEAM)


86 Ellison Road Springwood 2777 Australia

Telephone: (61) 247 517 974



Year established: 1970

Number of staff: 2

Number of subscribing members:

30 institutions, 2,500 individuals and 25 affiliates

Officers (2015):

President: Ken Brien, EdD
Executive Director: Jenny Lewis

Aims and objectives:

CCEAM is a non-governmental organisation established within the Commonwealth to serve professionals in educational administration, management and leadership. CCEAM aims to:

• Facilitate and disseminate knowledge
• Encourage high standards in the study, practice and preparation of educational administrators, managers and leaders
• Foster just and equitable programmes and participation in educational administration, management and leadership
• Foster close links, and organise and support international and regional co-operation
• Encourage globally the development of national associations for educational administration, management and leadership

Main activities:

Two-yearly conferences are organised by national affiliated organisations. Australia hosted 2010, Cyprus 2012 and Canada 2014. Fellowships are awarded on nomination at each conference. CCEAM board members and members lead a number of projects that connect communities around the Commonwealth and grow capacity in leadership and organisational reform.

Recent publications:

CCEAM produces a refereed journal, International Studies in Educational Administration, and a regular membership newsletter, Managing Educational Matters.