Commonwealth Association of Science, Technology and Mathematics Educators (CASTME)

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Telephone: +44 (0) 1784 482001

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Year established: 1974

Annual expenditure:

£1,000 in 2014

Officers (2015):

Chair: Lady Dr Sue Dale Tunnicliffe Secretary: Mrs M. Lenton Treasurer: Jonathan Ling

Aims and objectives:

CASTME links science, technology and mathematics (STEM) educators, formal and informal, across the Commonwealth. It has a UK-based board of trustees, with regional branches or groups in Africa, Asia, and Europe.

Screen Shot 2015-12-31 at 13.03.03The Commonwealth Association of Science, Technology and Mathematics Educators (CASTME) was established in 1974 as an NGO recognised by the Commonwealth Secretariat. It has regional groups in Africa, Asia, the Caribbean and Europe. The trustees of CASTME meet at Marlborough House in London. Through a network of regional meetings and papers at conferences and its website, CASTME seeks to encourage networking and links between Commonwealth countries and STEM work in formal and informal settings.



Everyday science and technology at Sreepur Village CASTME group Bangladesh

It is particularly developing working with Mothers families) and children, and communities   to progress understanding of everyday science. It recognises mothers and carers as first and most important teacher of a child. CASTME also supports both formal based teaching and informal science, technology (including design and technology, and maths learning)   which has to also develop literacy and other communication, including critical thinking skills.



The CASTME Award Scheme

Awards are offered for educational projects, which address the social or human context of science, technology and mathematics. Anyone involved in any form of education in the widest senses, formal or informal or societies and communities, can enter, Primary, pre school, secondary or tertiary education project a year as an individual or as a group, school or out of school. Details on or

Alexander Prize for women. There is a small monetary award.

AWARD criteria: A woman or female community who have made a significant contribution to encouraging the Scientific, technological or mathematical education of girls or women in a situation of particular difficulty or scarce Resources. A nomination should: Explain the reasons for the nomination. Detail the achievements of the nominee/s over a period of time. Nomination   By a third party, or by the nominee herself. Entries electronically to Postal address available on application.

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