The Consortium’s primary role is as a convenor and facilitator, rather than a delivery agent. However, it does on occasion undertake project activity in association with its member organisations. Past project activity includes:

  • In 2018, the Consortium commissioned an independent report on the place of education in the Commonwealth and the extent of existing co-operation activity. Published on the eve of the 20th Conference of Commonwealth Education Ministers in Fiji in February 2018, it was intended to stimulate constructive dialogue on how educational collaboration can be enhanced through partnerships among (and beyond) members of the Commonwealth family.
  • In June 2012 CCfE partnered Link Community Development in a Workshop in Kampala Uganda on ‘Achievable Education for All’ comprising exchange of experience on effecting improvements in education through data collection and analysis at local level.
  • In 2010 CCfE, in co-operation with Link Community Development and partners in Zimbabwe (Ministry of Education, civil society bodies and international agencies) delivered a programme designed to assist the process of education reconstruction in that country. Workshops were held in Harare and London.
  • In 2005 the Consortium completed a major project for the Commonwealth Secretariat on ways to make operational the Edinburgh Action Plan for Education with its six priority action areas. The report Implementing the Edinburgh Action Plan for Education: the way forward charted the extensive capacity of the Commonwealth in education, explored its comparative advantage and identified themes and issues for future collaboration.



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